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Your Girl

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I wrote last, needed some motivation.

So here’s mine, A friend shared this quote today “women can do anything a man can do. And women can do it in heels.”

I absolutely loved it. Doesn’t it make so much sense? In this world where we all claim that we follow equality and men and women are equal but are they really equal? Do you actually and really believe that? Just saying it doesn’t really fulfill the purpose.

Let’s say you have a daughter and she’s really smart, but isn’t allowed to join the sports club in school or doesn’t get the job she deserved because her competitive candidate was a guy. How are you going to feel? How do you think she is going to feel?

And if you feel that it’s not fair and she should get what she deserves, you’re probably right. But ask yourself first, did you behave with her the way you behaved with your son? Or the way you would have behaved with you son?  If you didn’t, then you think you have any right to complain when someone else treated differently?

Well, let me also tell you this, she accepted the way they treated her because she was used to it. She had been dealing with that kind of behavior all her life and it’s not new.

So if you want your daughter, sister or even wife to be treated in a certain way in the world around her, make sure she knows the right (acceptable) behavior.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “the change begins with you.”

So just start by treating the girls around you right? Just because she’s got a set of ovaries doesn’t mean she can’t do what you can. Well, maybe she can do more than you think. Set her free, don’t push her into the boundaries that you think are right. At least let her figure out what she wants to do.

Let her have the chance you didn’t have.


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