A part of her in me.

The title makes it sound like it’s going to be a love story, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not, nothing even close.

2 days ago I woke up thinking it’s a new day, let’s start positively. I pretty much even did start on a positive note, later in the evening, I received a message that a friend had passed away.

The young beautiful girl I knew since school, 8th grade to be precise. She was the chirpiest and had the warmest hugs. Sure she left school in 11th grade but we kept in touch for a while and then, not so much. And then a year ago I found out she was bravely fighting cancer, but I was still too busy to even tell her that I miss her.

I knew she was going to be okay but I was probably wrong. Then when I received that message that she was no more I could do nothing more than mourn. I missed the only chance of telling her how much I cared and loved her, but it doesn’t even matter for all that matters is that every day she sat by my side, she left her trail in me.

We take every person in our life for granted thinking or rather assuming that we have our tomorrow, but do we really?


4 thoughts on “A part of her in me.”

  1. Life is unpredictable. You never know how long a person is a part of your life. Don’t leave things unsaid, share your feelings. You are a part of someone also.


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